With fast fashion, unethical work practices, and the fear of COVID-19, these seven ways (and gifts) will save your holidays


It's the holiday season, and the fear of the unknown is still here: what to get your friends and family for the holidays without killing the earth's natural resources. Fear not, for everything evil thing; there is always a way around finding a better option.


Here are the eight ways you and your peers can make the earth a better place and not claim ignorance. For it is better to be a wise one than a foolish one:

1.   White Elephant

You are saving the planet and your pocket with this old tradition. Despite quarantine, there is nothing wrong with going through your old gifts (making sure you are sending it off to a different person) . It's more than just about saving the land—it's putting the world before yourself.


2.   Comment, Like, Share, Follow

Nothing better to save the planet than supporting tomorrow's changemaker brands by following them on social media, liking and commenting on their posts! One of the best ways to show your support would be to leave an excellent review with many stars on their website, yelp, google map, etc. And our favorite one: Happy Cow.

You can also invite your favorite Vegan and Ethical brand to do life on your Instagram page and promote ethical gifts! You will share your audience and gain some followers while spreading awareness of the issues that face us all at no cost.

Don't you know who to invite? Check the FAKER designers!


3.   Send a letter to the person you miss the most

Do you miss your best friend? A parent? Fear not. Tore out at a page of your favorite journal and wrote a letter about what you would like to do more with this person. Your famous person will remember that thoughtful letter you sent them.


4.   Online shopping from your local vegan small business

With your location services on, search for local businesses in your area. If they have an online store, buy from them, and have them ship the gift to the person you have in mind. Not only are you supporting local businesses but the local environment as well. (You can also offer a gift card from your favorite local Vegan restaurant to help their business and Veganism)


5.   Writing a cookbook recipe for your friend's favorite recipes (Vegan version, of course)

Cooking vegan isn't hard; instead, it is a lifestyle change. To your friend who recently got in (or not yet), ask them about their favorite recipes, and then do your research. Make note cards with their favorite recipe with the same taste and flavor of their vegan dishes. (Out of ideas? You can offer the Vegan Recipe Book App from chef Charlie Fyffe)


6.   DIY gifts

One of the ways you can save the environment is by making things! Yes, you heard me, "Do It Yourself"! Such as tote bags with old shirts, candles, frames, soap. You can make your gift for your secret Santa while learning a skill to save the planet. (We didn't get time to find useful links, but you know how to google, right?)


7.   "Custom + Repairs" by Recycle2Riches

Is DIY too complicated for you? Please don't panic. We have another solution: Most of us have fashion items or accessories that we haven't used in years. Instead of discarding them, ask your friend to give you the one they love but never wear and use "Custom + Repairs" services by Recycle 2 Riches to repair it and customize it! The best part? Your friend saves money, and you both save the planet.


8.   Support the FAKER designers

Check the list of all the FAKER designers (100+) and support Vegan and Ethical Fashion!



Which one will you be doing this holiday season? Tag #FAKEMovement and tell us. We would love to hear how you saved the planet.

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