Guest: Tina Gorjanc / Designer & Researcher

Tina Gorjanc is a design researcher specializing in material exploration for products, trend forecasting, and speculative scenario development. She is most recognized for her work that merges speculative and critical product design practices with scientific procedures.

Her creative practice has caught the attention of some of the biggest media companies as she has worked with established international institutions and organizations worldwide.

Tina has introduced pioneering approaches to design thinking workshops, client commissions, creative consultancy, and education.

In this episode, we will talk about "Pure Human", an exhibition created by Tina representing Human leather from Alexandre McQueen's DNA...

Hosted by the founder of the F.A.K.E. Movement Jonathan Ohayon.

Pure human Leather Tina Gorjanc



Guest: Adrian Lopez Velarde / Desserto (Cactus Leather)

In this podcast, we receive Adrian Lopez Velarde; founder of Desserto, one of the most impressive and innovative alternatives to leather; made from Cactus!

We will explore the impact of leather and its alternatives.

Desserto is one of the fastest-growing Vegan leather alternatives. Adrian will explain in this episode what drives him to create a new material used by big brands such as Adidas and BMW.

Hosted by the founder of the F.A.K.E. Movement Jonathan Ohayon.

Podcast desserto cactus leather adrian lopez velarde




Guest: Emma Hakansson / Collective Fashion Justice

In this podcast, we receive Emma Hakansson; an Ethical model and founder of Collective Fashion Justice!

At only 22 years old, she already has a huge knowledge of the fashion industry's impact!

We will talk about Emma's new documentary "Willow & Claude" and share her perspective on wool and its alternatives!

Hosted by the founder of the F.A.K.E. Movement Jonathan Ohayon.

Collective Fashion Justice Podcast Emma Hakansson




Guest: Annick Ireland / immaculate Vegan & Stephan Stegeman / Shop Like You Give A Damn

Vegan Fashion Marketplace

How to build a Vegan and Ethical Fashion Market Place? What is the future of Fashion and how to be a part of this world?

Annick Ireland (founder of immaculate Vegan) and Stephan Stegeman (founder of Shop Like You Give A Damn) will share their journey towards the creation of a sustainable fashion marketplace!

Hosted by the founder of the F.A.K.E. Movement Jonathan Ohayon.

Podcast Vegan Fashion Marketplace immaculate vegan shop like you give a damn




Guest: Sica Schmitz / Bead & Reel, Impact Fashion.

Healing Through Fashion

How to heal your body, soul, and mind through Fashion and where do Fashion and Spirituality intersect?

Sica Schmitz, founder of Bead & Reel, and the non-profit Impact Fashion will explore the different ways to heal yourself, and find your path to happiness and self-awareness using Fashion.

Hosted by the founder of the F.A.K.E. Movement Jonathan Ohayon.

vegan ethical fashion podcast healing sica schmitz




Guest: Ryuji Chua / Peace By Vegan.

You always wanted to be an activist? Speak up for justice?

Jonathan Ohayon (founder of the F.A.K.E. Movement) receive, for this 3rd Episode, Ryuji Chua (Peace By Vegan), film maker, influencer and animal rights activist who will share his knowledge to help you reach that goal!

Find more information about Ryuji here.

ryuji chua podcast how to be an effective activist





Guest: Geraldine Starke, founder of Refarm'd

We all know how bad the dairy industry is, for our planet, our health, and of course the animals. Hopefully, you already stopped consuming it.

But how can we do more? How can we help the suffering of the cows and calves? And how can we help farmers that are (most of the time) slaves of this situation…

These are the questions Geraldine Starke (founder of Refarm’d) answered during our weekly F.A.K.E. Virtual Pop-up!

Refarm’d is a newly formed organization that aims to turn all dairy farms into animal sanctuaries by offering them a new way of making money (with alternatives to milk).

Hosted by Jonathan Ohayon (Founder of F.A.K.E.)




Guest: Cici Voise (founder of Blue District) Stephanie Gerard.

We create conversation/debate to educate ourselves and make the right choices by sharing knowledge.
How to certify if a brand is 100% ethical? Does Made in China means unethical? Synthetic material, a solution, or a disaster? Vegan for the animal ... but what about the humans?
These are just a few questions this podcast will try to answer.

Jonathan Ohayon invites 2 very inspiring guests to share their experiences: the Fashion Designer, CEO and founder of Blue District & Stephanie Gerard, Animal Rights Advocate for PETA, singer, actress and TV show host of "en vivo" & "el mameluco" on Estrella TV.

Stay until the end to get the Tips of the day by Sucely Montoya!

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