The First Vegan Museum

For Cruelty Free Fashion Ethically Made

on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles (in front of Melrose Place)


It started with “F.A.K.E. popups” on Melrose Ave. (May 2019) in the city of Los Angeles. The events were so successful that Jonathan Ohayon (Animal Right Activist, founder of F.A.K.E. movement & co-founder of the Parisian brand Arsayo) decided to create a Museum where people could learn more about new alternatives to animal products in fashion and how to preserve our planet and respect human rights.

“Leather is not a material, it is a skin that belongs to an animal […] It has a huge negative impact on the environment and is responsible of many disease due to all the chemical using in the process”

During the intimate and immersive free tour (25minutes), guests will learn about the negative impact of the Fashion industry but mainly the solutions.

“During our tour, while we quickly shed light on what the fashion industry practices are, we emphasize mostly on the amazing alternatives for a better world


life changing experience with keys and answers at the end.


Many Designers from around the globe will be part of this first exposition. Guests will find alternatives to silk, leather, wool.. Even makeup, with many different products made out of Pineapple fiber, Cork, Apple skin or even Mango skin… and more.

The F.A.K.E. Museum host as well Artists from around the world that create 100% ethical art! Like Idan Shimoni from Israel that helps endangered animals and Sarah Ferreira who did an exposition in the “Carrousel du Louvre” in the famous museum “Le Louvre” in Paris.


The F.A.K.E. Museum will open its door to the public from June 26th to August 31st.

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