F.A.K.E. arrives in Paris from the front door!

F.A.K.E. Movement will create an immersive experience in an ethical fashion world for the opening of Galeries Lafayette in Beaugrenelle (Paris) from November 13th to 24th.


After the big success of the F.A.K.E. Pop-up store, F.A.K.E. Halloween (The first ethical Halloween) and F.A.K.E. Museum (the first museum dedicated to ethical fashion) which attracted many brands and international press, Jonathan and Ary Ohayon, founders of the movement and backpack brand Arsayo have decided to export the concept to Paris through the big front door.

"The importance of offering this concept in prestigious venues such as Galeries Lafayette is to offer a wide range of eco-friendly alternatives and real solutions for an ethical fashion industry to the mainstream. " they said.

If you live in Paris, come meet the FAKER designers who will unveil their secrets and methods to better understanding the pillars of today's fashion industry and why it is urgent to turn to a responsible consumption without animal and ecological suffering.

Find below the list of the FAKErs who will Showcase their creations along with Arsayo in this project through conferences, booth and art exhibitions:

Sarah Ferreira, Camille Vegan Bags, By Nath, Magnethik, Monsieur Arsene, Shilow Bag, Blanlac, By Ninette, The French Red, Lo Neel, Terre de Mars, Green Lion, Philossophia Jewlery, Neith, Reev, Stooly & more ..


For Jonathan & Ary, the movement does not stop there, they already have for project a F.A.K.E. Christmas, offering an ethical Christmas, a simultaneous pop-up store in 3 different cities: Los Angeles, Paris and Tel Aviv. (stay tuned)

The launch of these events comes at a time when more designers in the fashion and textile industry are beginning to understand the importance of the lack of cruelty and transparency for an ethical agenda because of the demand for alternatives to common materials.

F.A.K.E. is the ideal solution for a growing public looking for clothes and fashion accessories respectful of the planet and its inhabitants.

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