There are many vegan leathers out in the world! And just as we promised. We have the list here for you to explore! The list of vegan leather ranges from plants, fungi, synthetics, recycled materials, and yes even minerals.

As we continue to push vegan and sustainable fashion, we cannot fail to mention some important topics regarding our list. We will always be honest with all FAKERS. Which is why the following information, we hope, helps bring clarity to our list. 

Vegan Leather = Ethical?

The listed vegan leather are all 100% animal-free, meaning no animal or any animal byproduct is in these materials.

Unfortunately, some of these alternatives are not 100% environmentally friendly, meaning that the process for some of the leathers mentioned does cause harm to our environment. 

As mentioned in our previous post, this environmental harm also causes damage to humans and animals who depend on a clean and sustainable environment. 

To further explain what we mean let's talk synthetic vegan leather. 

The tanning process can be as toxic as the animal leather process. Yet, it has been an alternative for many vegans today and in the past. We want all harmful materials to be a thing of the past, but we feel the need to acknowledge synthetic leather as it has helped spare the lives of many animals.

Even though some of these alternatives are not 100% ethical they are for sure far more sustainable than that of any animal leather. We believe and have also shown evidence of this in our previous post on ANIMAL LEATHER

The list of vegan leather we have do far less damage to animals, people, and the planet than any animal leather can ever claim.

The Future is Kind!

Vegan Leather = Sustainable?

At the F.A.K.E. movement, we recognize the following “What is sustainable today, might not be sustainable tomorrow”. 

The F.A.K.E. movement exists to bring solutions and to continue evolving with our core values in action. Creators of sustainable vegan leather have taken over the trend of synthetic leather. 

In recent years these amazing groundbreaking innovations have changed the way we select our fashion items. This is evidence of how fashion is constantly evolving, and we need to continue to appreciate this by pushing kind consumption. 

Our list is also filled with amazing plant, fungi, and mineral derived leathers, which are all animal-free, environmentally friendly, and do not harm humans in any way!  The list created is not in any particular order. We have also added links where you can find more information on these leathers. 

We hope you find these useful on your journey to becoming an ethical vegan leather consumer or creator.

Cork Leatherproduct made by Arsayo
Piñatex®Pineapple leaf leatherproduct made by LONEEL
cactus leather
Cactus Leathermade by Desserto
Mango Leathermade by fruitleather
Paper leather
Paper Leathermade by Pretty simple bags
Synthetic Leather made with PolyurethaneProduct made by White Rhino Bags
Tree Bark leathermade by Barktex
Banana Leatherproduct made by Green Banana Paper
Cereal Crop Leatherproduct made by Will’s Vegan Store
Leaf Leathermade by Tree Tribe
Kombucha-based leatherbeing created by researchers at Iowa State University
Flexible Stonemade by Villani Leonelo
grape wine leather
Grape/Wine Leathermade by Vegea
Upcycled Aluminiummade by Remeant
grape wine leather
Coconut Leathermade by Malai
Apple Skin Leatherproduct made by Nuuwai
grape wine leather
Mushroom Leatherproduct made by Zvnder
Recycled Rubberproduct made by Fantome
grape wine leather
Upcycled Bubble Wrapmade by Remeant
Coffee Leatherproduct made by nat-2
grape wine leather
Corn Leatherproduct made by Veja
Upcycled Kitesurfing Kite, Sail, Parachute and Wetsuitmade by KitePride
grape wine leather
Recycled Cement Bagsmade by Global Fashion Mission
Upcycled Plastic Bagmade by Up-Fuse

 Feel free to comment on any other alternatives that we might have missed in the comment box! We promise to add it to our list.

You can also check the list of the FAKER designers HERE!

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