Conventional cotton has had enough!
Unfortunately, this type of cotton is responsible for a lot of damage to land, people, and animals.
Cotton has had enough!
It does not want to be responsible for this any longer and as consumers, we need to support this movement!

Here is why you and every brand should support the organic cotton movement.

The process to produce conventional cotton uses a tremendous amount of toxic chemicals (16% of the world’s insecticides).

These chemicals cause severe harm to the earth's air, water, soil, animals, and human’s health. As ethical vegan fashion consumers this is an issue.

Why do brands choose organic cotton?

Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic, persistent pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. It uses methods with a low impact on the environment.

They also prohibit genetically engineered seeds for the organic farming process. These methods are viable for the safety and protection of what consumers care about: PEOPLE, ANIMALS, and PLANET.

We encourage everyone to support this movement and help conventional cotton become Organic!

To support this movement, you can ask your favorite brands to use organic cotton, buy organic certificated apparel, and/or simply educate others on this topic. Remember, as consumers, we vote with our purchases!


So next time! Vote Organic Cotton!



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