Vegan Ostrich Feathers

The World's First Vegan Ostrich Feathers!

Pioneering sustainable fashion brand Blue District, founded by visionary French designer Cici Voise, is making waves in the industry by unveiling vegan ostrich feathers under the trademarked "Ethical Plumes."

ethical plumes feather blue district

Blue District has answered the call in response to the fashion world's urgent need for a sustainable and cruelty-free alternative to ostrich feathers.

For two years, the brand collaborated with a team of dedicated experts, meticulously refining their revolutionary product to meet the softest, most lightweight alternative to the trendy ostrich feather.

The designer's keen eye for detail and passion for sustainable practices have resulted in a product that seamlessly blends style with ethical considerations.

“Every year, 2 million Ostriches are killed for fashion," explains Cici, "by utilizing a specific sewing method paired with very fine threading, and eco-friendly dyes, ethical plumes™ can mimic the look and feel of traditional ostrich feathers without causing harm to any animals.”

Launching the cruelty-free feathers on a (vegan) silky black dress made of bamboo fibers, the brand promises it is the first piece of a whole “vegan ostrich feathers” collection.

This trailblazing launch is set to transform the fashion landscape and anticipate its positive effects on animal welfare and the environment.

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